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The Porchdog Choir are an exciting live act that keep the audience moving and intrigued.   With two principal songwriters and two lead singers, our music covers a wide variety of styles and moves from rockabilly to blues to country to jazzy swing and back to rock; but everything we play has our distinct sound.  All four members often sing together which creates The Porchdog Choir sound we're becoming noted for. 

We please audiences of all ages and we get everyone from young children to older folks dancing and singing along.  In addition to our original music, we play cover songs by The Beatles, The Doors, James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen and other popular artists.  Thirty-seven original and cover songs combine to make up our full-length, three hour show, which we tailor to suit any situation.

Our band has a very simple stage setup: acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar and drums.  Three amplifiers, four microphones and a small PA system keep the stage simple and compact.   We don'y use any computers or electronic tricks to perform our music live, just good musicianship and good singing!

Are you looking to entertain a small gathering?  Are you looking for an opening act that can play forty minutes of rocking original songs to warm up a crowd for the headliner?  No matter what your entertainment needs are, The Porchdog Choir are your band.

Contact the band to arrange entertainment for a private party, a nightclub, a festival or a concert.   We are a terrific choice!

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